Pad Man (12A)

Monday 22nd October

This is the fictionalised account of a humble Indian metalworker who challenged entrenched taboos in a patriarchal society when he set about inventing a cheap way to produce sanitary pads. Enduring the disapproval of his family and the embarrassment of his new wife Lakshmi, he was determined to end the need for women to use dirty rags during their periods because they couldn’t afford branded products. An enjoyable, uplifting and big-hearted film.

Film Notes.

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    • Keith on October 26, 2018 at 9:47 pm
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    I enjoyed Pad Man. Not a typical Bollywood perhaps and some of it made me wince – the Linglish address the UN, for example. But as a film it’s heart was in the right place and the issue of women’s health and hygiene is still relevant in the UK. As it was suggested to me why are tampons or pads not freely available in public toilets? They should be provided in the same way that toilet paper, soap and water are.

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