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Monday 19th November

Agnes Varda is now 90 and has been at the heart of European filmmaking since the early 1960s. Her latest film is a documentary made alongside JR – a photographer and muralist 55 years her junior. Together they present episodes in the lives of seemingly ordinary French people. Photographed portraits are massively enlarged and posted onto public spaces. The formula is simple but totally winning: a film free of any malice or cynicism its humanity will bring tears to your eyes.

Film Notes.

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    • Jeannie Monaghan on November 20, 2018 at 10:15 am
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    An object lesson in art and team creativity at it’s simple best. The look of pride and joy on the subjects faces when they saw themselves was heart warming and the relationship between JR and Varda was so life-affirming. The whole film was totally absorbing. Loved it.

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