Buxton Film Festival 2017

5th Annual Film Festival   April 10 – 17

That’s it!

Thank you to everyone who supported our festival this year, particularly those of you who came to lots of the films we screened.

We selected a very wide range of films this year and we hope you enjoyed the ones you came to see. We had uplifting films, sad and moving films, a very scary film, sci-fi, and this year’s Oscar winner as well as the series of classics from Buxton-born director Robert Stevenson. Listening to the director of Light Years, Esther May Campbell, added so much more depth to the film.

We won’t be thinking about next year’s event just yet as we all need to get some vitamin D but we’d like to hear from you. What should we have done differently, what went well?

Lets get a conversation going – leave us a comment when you have a minute.

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  1. Keith

    I saw most of the Festival films and none seemed better than “Poor Cow” but two of the more interesting ones were “Chi-Raq” and “Moonlight” because they seemed to be trying to say something different about the lives of young, Black Americans. I’ve no idea how these films played in the States and what they meant to white, liberal British audiences may hardly matter. However, it may have taken some bravery on the part of Spike Lee and Barry Jenkins to make these films. Others may argue that they were to some extent pandering to white concerns about Black culture. What did other viewers think?

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