Summer 2017 diary

Another great programme for the summer season.

We will be taking a break from 20th June to 30th July to make way for the Buxton Festival and Fringe


Monday 24th April, 7.30pmToni Erdmann (15)trailerFor many critics this German comedy is the best film to be released over the last 12 months. Director Maren Ade calls it a love film not a laugh film. At its heart is a daughter-father story. Ines is intense and has career ambitions; her father, Winfried, tries to get her to lighten up.
Monday 8th May, 2.30pmThe Eagle Huntress (U)trailerThis breathtaking documentary is set in Mongolia’s Altai mountains where tribes-people use golden eagles to hunt for food and fur. Generally the skills are passed from father to son – but Nurgaiv has no male heir, so his daughter Aisholpan trains to compete in the annual hunting festival.
Monday 8th May, 7.30pmChristine (15)trailerThe bare facts of this story are well-known. Christine Chubbuck was a 29-year-old news reporter for a Florida TV station. In 1974 she committed suicide live, on air. What was it about her life that led to so dreadful an end? Rebecca Hall is mesmerising as Christine for whom life is suffering.
Monday 15th May, 7.30pmSilence (15)trailerMartin Scorsese’s epic adaptation of Endo Shusaku’s novel tells of two Portuguese Jesuit missionaries who travel to Japan in 1640 to disprove a rumour that their mentor has renounced his Christian faith. They find a brutal, inhospitable world in which serving God may be an impossible calling.
Monday 22nd May, 7.30pmLa La Land (12A)trailerThe most talked-about film of the year; an unapologetic ‘feel good’ movie. Mia (Emma Stone) is an actress; she meets Seb (Ryan Gosling) a pianist in Los Angeles. They fall in love and hope to support each other in their professional lives – but the difficulties they face are destructive. Could it be otherwise?
Wednesday 31st May, 2.30pmA Monster Calls (12A)trailerConor is 13. He lives in rural England with his mum who is ill. He has nightmares and is visited by a monster – a yew tree that comes to life. Based on Patrick Ness’ story for children – this powerful film explores the anxieties that many young people struggle with.
Wednesday 31st May, 7.30pmJackie (15)trailerNatalie Portman is Jackie Kennedy; the film centres around the President’s assassination in 1963. We know the story; we may even remember where we were at that moment. But how did these events impact on a young widow in the harsh world of politics often indifferent to her needs?
Monday 5th June, 7.30pmManchester by the Sea (15)trailerCasey Affleck is Lee – who does maintenance work at an apartment block. His life is mundane but he drinks heavily and gets into fights. His personal life – past and present – is tough and tragic and there is no reason to suppose it will be turned around. Magnificent, if despairing, film-making.
Monday 12th June, 7.30pmLion (PG)trailerThis adaptation of Saroo Brierley’s memoir tells of his early childhood and then something of his life 20 years later. The film is dominated by the two actors who play Saroo. Sunny Pawar brilliantly conveys the boy’s loneliness and confusion. Dev Patel is the man tormented by memories.
Monday 19th June, 7.30pmT2 Trainspotting (15)trailer‘Trainspotting’ was one of the landmark British films at the end of the 20th century. Expectations were heaped on the sequel – but how are Spud, Begbie, Sick Boy and Renton as middle-age approaches? Drugs, crime and violence are still hard for them to escape – as is a past that haunts them and us.
Monday 31st July, 7.30pmIt’s Only the End of the World (15)trailerThis French-Canadian film has a stellar cast and begins with Louis – a 34-year-old playwright - visiting his family that he has not seen for 12 years. He brings bad news but finds it difficult to share. What might have been a reunion becomes an encounter full of anguish, uncertainty and pain.
Monday 7th August, 7.30pmLoving (12A)trailerIt is 1958 in Virginia. A black woman is pregnant; her boyfriend is white. They marry – but this is against the law. A long, legal battle follows and the attention that Mildred and Richard Loving have to endure is unsettling as they try to build a safe home for their family.
Monday 14th August, 7.30pmDancer (12A)trailerThis documentary is about Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin who began his career in Kiev before moving to the Royal Ballet School in London. His family make sacrifices to support Sergei – at financial and emotional cost – and his personal life becomes chaotic. The charismatic Polunin makes a compelling subject.
Monday 21st August, 7.30pm20th Century Women (15)trailerSet in California in 1979 this is “a refreshingly rich and intelligent female-led drama. It’s also a poignant character study that draws first-rate performances from its cast… a story about the lives of women, the challenges of parenthood, the value of art and a recent past that now seems unreachable.”
Tuesday 29th August, 7.30pmViceroy’s House (12A)trailerHugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson star as Lord and Lady Mountbatten in Gurinder Chada’s telling of the Partition of India in 1947. A complex story and the gulf between the lifestyles of the British colonialists and millions of Muslims and Hindus is painful – as is the arbitrary nature of the political solution imposed.
Thursday 31st August, 11.30amMon Oncle (U)trailerMr and Mrs Arpel live a very modern, ordered life. Their neighbourhood is bland and clean; everything is controlled without room for play or humour. Their son, Gérard, is bored. Then his uncle, Monsieur Hulot, eccentric and whimsical becomes an unlikely role model for Gérard. Timeless Jacques Tati.
Friday 1st September, 11.30amThe Ladykillers (U)trailerClassic British comedy. Mrs Wilberforce is an elderly widow who lives with her parrots in a house in Kings Cross. An amateur ‘string quintet’ asks if it can rent her upstairs room for rehearsals. In reality the ‘musicians’ are planning a robbery. You may never want to hear Boccherini’s Minuet again!
Friday 1st September, 2.30pmFunny Bones (15)trailerWith a cast including Jerry Lewis, Lee Evans, Leslie Caron and Oliver Reed quality is assured here. Tommy Fawkes is a comedian working in Las Vegas; his show bombs with his father in the audience. He goes to Blackpool – where he spent childhood summers – in a bid to reinvent himself.