Our 2019 film highlights

We screened and watched some great films in 2019.

What were your highlights?

The films we screened are listed here, but we’d like to hear about any film that moved, inspired or blew you away!

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    • Luay on December 6, 2019 at 4:18 pm
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    I think the film that most impressed me was Roma.
    Directed in Mexico by Alfonso CuarĂ³n and shot in black and white, just about every scene would have scored a prize in a photographic exhibition. The slow panning shots kept you riveted and you barely noticed (or even needed!) the subtitles.

    Besides the visual treat, the films concern with the contrasting lives of the Mexican middle classes and those who served them was well made and avoided setimentality or finger-wagging. I saw it three times and could watch it again.

    What a pity Roma was hogged by Netflix and for most of us that meant watching it on a small screen….

    Of the films I was most pleased we were able to screen, Capernaum (directed by Nadine Lebaki in Lebanon) and Woman and War (directed by Benedikt Erlingsson in Iceland) stand out for different reasons. Some of us had seen both of these at preview screenings and we were very excited to bring them to Buxton.

    Luay Salman


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