Monday 20th January – 7.30pm

The Street (15)

2019, UK, Dir. Zed Nelson, 94 minutes

Hoxton Street is in Hackney, East London. You can see the City’s temples to finance capitalism just a mile away. The Street is down at heel and ripe for ‘redevelopment’. Zed Nelson’s absorbing and moving documentary traces some of the changes that take place between 2015-2018. His interviews with working class residents and shopkeepers who are being squeezed out are presented without commentary. At times ill-informed these are people for whom it is hard not to feel compassion. The invasive speculators and developers with their tower blocks and corrosive attitude are, on the other hand, contemptible. Set in London but of universal relevance.


Film notes (paper copies available at the screening)

Tickets (£5 adults, £3 children) available on the door, but it may be busy so you are advised to book in advance with the Buxton Opera House box office