Jan-Feb 2018 diary

Monday 8 Jan 7.30pmThe Big Sick (15)Loosely based on the true romance between a Pakistan-born comedian and his white American girlfriend, this is a great way to start our 2018 season. Kumail Nanjiani meets Emily (Zoe Kazan). They fall in love but then she becomes seriously ill. Kumail has difficulties with both his parents and with Emily’s. But can love find a way? Plenty of laughs and tears
Monday 15 Jan 7.30pmDunkirk (12A)Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed film is not a documentary account of a great historical event. Rather than painting a big picture, he chooses to focus on three small, private, stories – one on land, one in the air and one at sea. These gripping and harrowing personal accounts, along with a relentless and brilliant score, give us a draining picture of war.
Monday 22 Jan 7.30pmThe Fencer (PG)Set in Estonia in the years immediately after the Second World War, this Finnish film tells of a man who seeks sanctuary in a small town as a sports teacher. It is a harsh world for teacher and students – the Soviet shadow looms large – but practicing fencing skills is a focus for purposeful activity. Until the prospect of returning to Leningrad for a fencing tournament open up. (Subtitles).
Monday 29 Jan 7.30pmDetroit (15)Kathryn Bigelow’s brilliant film focuses on events that took place in July 1967 in Detroit’s Algiers Motel. Rioting across the city had heightened tensions and an out-of-control police raid left three black men dead. This is more than a history lesson, however. Full of richly drawn characters this is an absorbing thriller about how justice is so easily discarded.
Monday 5 Feb 7.30pmIn Between (15)Set in contemporary Tel Aviv this is the story of three young Palestinian women trying to get on with their lives – at work and in relationships. Inevitably there are points of tension and conflict: they are Arabs with a faith heritage – which they have pretty much abandoned - living in society dominated by secular Jewish values. An outstanding drama. (Subtitles).
Monday 12 Feb 7.30pmGod's Own Country (15)This compassionate debut by Francis Lee was one of the outstanding British independent films of the year. Johnny Saxby is a hill-farmer in Yorkshire. His ailing father is something of a traditionalist when it comes to farming and they have disagreements. Johnny’s live is changed when he falls in love with Gheorghe, a Romanian employed to help during lambing. A great story, brilliantly filmed and told.
Monday 19 Feb 7.30pmAlois Nebel (15)This Czech animation didn’t get the exposure it deserved and we are glad to show a rare screening. It is based on a series of graphic novels and is set in a small village on the Czech/Polish border. It is 1989 and the eve of the Velvet Revolution. Alois Nebel slowly learns of the troubled history of the area in the years after the Second World War. Visually absorbing and with a terrific soundtrack. (Subtitles).
Monday 26 Feb 7.30pmThe Party (15)Sally Potter’s black-and-white film of a dinner-party, thrown by a successful politician to celebrate promotion, is a dark comedy, satirising fashionable middle-class, white Western lifestyles. With a top-notch cast (Kirstin Scott-Thomas, Timothy Spall, Cillian Murphy, Emily Mortimer, Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz and Cherry Jones) this is fiercely intelligent entertainment.