Screening Diary

Buxton Opera House are kindly including our programme in their Cinema leaftlet so we have stopped printing our own.

Here is our diary – we update it as soon as new films are confirmed. You won’t find a more varied and interesting programme anywhere!

Monday 17th FebruaryMr Jones (15)James Norton stars in this new bio-pic set in 1933. Gareth Jones was a South Wales journalist. In 1933 he was in Germany covering Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor. He went on to the Ukraine and reported on the man-made mass starvation happening there. It is these events - the Holodomor - that the film covers. Jones was murdered in China, two years later, the day before his 30th birthday.
Monday 24th FebruaryRoma (15)Alfonso Cuarón’s semi-autobiographical film is already recognised as one of the great films of the first decade of the 21st century. Gorgeously filmed in black and white and set in Mexico City in 1970/1971 events centre around a professional family and their housekeeper, Cleo. Much of what we witness is peculiar to the family but political protests on the city’s streets intrude. It is a study of a bourgeois family, but also examines how indigenous Mexicans have been oppressed. It is a film packed with unforgettable moments. If you caught Roma on Netflix, treat yourself by seeing it on the big screen.
Thursday 5th MarchLittle Joe (12A)If you could buy a pretty houseplant that made you feel happy you would, wouldn’t you? Two plant breeders are working on just such a project. Alice (Emily Beecham) and Chris (Ben Whishaw) are ambitious and competitive and are keen to get the stunning crimson-flowered plant to the market place. But the plant, named Little Joe by Alice - after her son, may have other, unintended effects.
Monday 9th MarchThe Two Popes (12A)A decade ago Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Cardinal Ratzinger) sensationally decided to retire. In this superbly acted and beautifully shot re-imagining of the private meetings between Benedict (Hopkins) and the Argentinian Cardinal Bergoglio we witness the vulnerability of the men who carry the adulation of so many believers. Bergoglio (Pryce) went on to be appointed Pope Francis I. The sparring dialogue between the men is developed with skill, wit and subtlety. The clever use of colour and location makes this film a very visual treat too. Not to be missed.
Monday 16th MarchQueen and Slim (15)This film feels like a quintessentially American movie so it was surprising to find that both leading actors (Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith) are British.
Slim and Queen are on their way home after a first date when they’re stopped by the police. The events that quickly follow turn them into fugitives but also symbols for the pain, trauma and terror that African Americans suffer across the country. Dubbed a black Bonnie and Clyde, director Melina Matsoukis tells a modern black love story while tackling head-on the unresolved legacy in black America.
Monday 23rd MarchBe Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache (PG)Alice Guy-Blaché (1873-1968) was the first woman film director and for a long time was the only woman filmmaker at work. That makes her a significant figure in cinema history. Born in Paris she started working for the Gaumont company in 1894 and made her first film two years later. She made many films about dance and travel.
She moved to the US with her husband Herbert where they set up The Solax Company - an innovative film studio that enjoyed about 10 years of great success. This intriguing documentary is part of a process to restore Alice Guy-Blaché to her rightful place.
Monday 30th MarchAnd Then We Danced (15)Merab, a young dancer with the National Georgian Ensemble strives to achieve perfection and recognition from the strict dance teacher who seems to be looking for reasons to put him down. When a new dancer, Irakli, appears on the scene he experiences competition as well as the stirrings of forbidden desire. This is a compelling love story, but much more than that, it’s an insight into many aspects of Georgian society. The breath-taking choreography and physical ability of the actors weaving through the strong narrative will keep you hooked in for every minute of this stunning film.
Monday 6th AprilPortrait of A Lady on Fire