Screening Diary

Buxton Opera House are kindly including our programme in their Cinema leaftlet so we have stopped printing our own. You can download (and print if you wish) the current list of full details here: Buxton Film August-Sept 2018

Monday 22nd October 7.30pmPad Man (12A)This is the fictionalised account of a humble Indian metalworker who challenged entrenched taboos in a patriarchal society when he set about inventing a cheap way to produce sanitary pads. Enduring the disapproval of his family and the embarrassment of his new wife, he was determined to end the need for women to use dirty rags during their periods because they couldn’t afford branded products. An enjoyable, uplifting and big-hearted film.
Monday 29th October 7.30pmThe Wound (15)Not many films break through from Africa into UK cinemas. The strength of this film is the reason it has gained the acclaim it has. ‘X’ is a young factory worker who is assigned to support a westernised city-boy who is enduring his Xhosa tribe’s highly ritualised circumcision ceremony. X’s annual return to the remote mountain camp allows for a secret relationship with a fellow carer. A tense triangle develops and the film contrasts strong macho themes with sensitive desires.
Monday 5th November 7.30pmThe Guardians (15)Lovely wide-screen images of the French countryside provide the backdrop to this story of the women who were left behind to work the land while their menfolk were away fighting World War 1. The women worked hard and found independence which was uncomfortably interrupted when the men returned from the front. An affecting gentle-paced drama that avoids sentimentality.
Monday 12th NovemberThe Rider (15)Brady is the Rider; he has a natural affinity with horses but his biggest kicks come from the rodeo. A life-threatening injury puts an end to that career while still a young man. What direction will his life take when the choices are so limited? Based on his real-life story Brady Jandreau’s performance is gripping and the scenes training young horses are compelling drama. This portrait of a man finding his way is unflinching and, ultimately, hopeful.
Monday 19th NovemberFaces Places (12A)Agnes Varda is now 90 and has been at the heart of European filmmaking since the early 1960s. Her latest film is a documentary made alongside JR - a photographer and muralist 55 years her junior. Together they present episodes in the lives of seemingly ordinary French people. Photographed portraits are massively enlarged and posted onto public spaces. The formula is simple but totally winning: a film free of any malice or cynicism its humanity will bring tears to your eyes.
Monday 26th NovemberLucky (15)This is Harry Dean Stanton’s swansong - and what a joy it is. Lucky lives in a small town in New Mexico. His life is uncomplicated and he has routines, habits and addictions. Yoga, TV, coffee, tobacco and a little conversation are most of what he needs. He knows he has not long to live and he expects no afterlife but Lucky seems OK with his lot. A small film but one full of pleasures in the script and a great performance by Stanton.
Monday 3rd DecemberWajib (15)Set in Nazareth just before Christmas but whilst the town is decorated this drama is not about the festival. This is a family drama primarily about a father and son. Both are middle class professionals but the father has remained in his homeland, the son works in Italy. They are at odds over matters of politics and lifestyle and they have a family wedding to get through peaceably. A subtle examination there is an integrity about the film that is richly satisfying.
Monday 10th DecemberShoplifters (15) tbcWe’re very pleased to be able to bring you this year’s Palme d’Or winner at the Cannes film festival. We’ve screened a number of Koreeda’s films over the years and they never disappoint. This one, his best, is about a family of petty thieves who live together in a cramped apartment rented from a dodgy landlord. One day they find an apparently abandoned little girl and take her in – soon she is being trained to join in their money-making schemes but was she really abandoned?
Monday 17th DecemberOur Last Tango (12A)We thought this would be a nice film to see out or programme for 2018. This is the story of Argentina's famous tango dancers Maria Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes, who met as teenagers and danced together for nearly fifty years. In the film young dancers re-create their romantic and artistic history interspersed with real footage and interviews with the couple. Leave the cold December evening outside – come in and enjoy some hot tango moves and tunes!
Monday 7th JanuaryPeterloo (12A)St Peter’s Square, Manchester which in 1819 was St Peter’s Field and the site of a generally overlooked but critical historical event. On 16th August, what we would now call a pro-democracy demonstration was brutally broken up when cavalry charged, sabres drawn, into the crowd killing 15 protesters and injuring hundreds. Mike Leigh brings the event to life with dramatic big crowd scenes while Maxine Peake brings her talents as Nellie – the tough worker and mother of soldier Joseph. “A richly intelligent and passionate film”