Autumn 2017 diary

We’ve selected the best available films for our autumn season.

Monday 4th Sept 1.30pmMatinee Derbyshire (Casablanca)One of a series of screenings aimed at people with dementia and memory loss, their family and friends. For more information please visit
Monday 4th Sept 7.30pmHidden Figures (PG)Three Black American women scientists crucial to the work of NASA in the 1960s are the hidden figures of this engaging drama based on real events. This is a straightforward piece of storytelling and has a great story to tell! The achievements of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson are inspirational.
Monday 11th Sept, 7.30pmGet Out (15)This mix of horror and comedy has been a word-of-mouth hit both sides of the Atlantic. A young couple - Chris and Rose - visit the woman's parents and Chris picks up on odd behaviour. Chris is black and Rose is white and part of the film is a take on racism in contemporary America. Mostly it's a top notch psychological thriller.
Monday 18th Sept 7.30pmThe Bride Wore Black (12)Jeanne Moreau was one of the great European film actors of the 20th century and she was at the height of her powers in the 1960s, at the same time as the first wave of feminism. Moreau could be vulnerable and strong and brought depth to the storytelling. In this homage to Hitchcock by Truffaut she seeks to revenge the murder of her husband.
Thursday 28th Sept, 7.30pmAquarius (18)This Brazilian drama stars Sonia Braga as Clara. She is a 65-year-old retired music critic and widow. The sole occupant of an apartment block which greedy developers want, Clara fights personal battles as well as the economically powerful. Braga's performance as a vital older woman with an appetite for life is a tour-de-force.
Monday 2nd Oct 7.30pmElle (18)Isabelle Huppert plays Michele - a successful business executive. She is brutally raped in her own home and decides not to tell the police. She sets out to track down her attacker. This controversial psychological thriller has been assessed by some to be a story of a strong woman, empowered and determined. Unquestionably Huppert is compelling.
Monday 9th Oct, 2.30pmThe Sense of an Ending (15)Jim Broadbent is Tony Webster in this faithful adaptation of Julian Barnes' novel. Tony is a divorcee whose calm middle age is disturbed when a solicitor contacts him with news that he has been left something in a will. This leads him to re-examine events from his student days. Harriet Walter, Michelle Dockery and Charlotte Rampling are the assertive women in his life.
Monday Oct 9th, 7.30pmThe Salesman (12)Quite simply one of the best films of the past 12 months. Emad and Rana are a young couple living in Tehran. Following damage to their old apartment they move into a new flat. Events related to the previous tenant change their lives. An intelligent drama by Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi (A Separation).
Monday 16th Oct, 7.30pmLady Macbeth (15)Florence Pugh stars in this British adaptation of a Russian novel that borrowed from Shakespeare. Set in north east England in the 1860s a young woman is married to a man twice her age. Their marriage is cold and loveless. She begins an affair with a man of her own age and events soon develop uncontrollably.
Monday 23rd Oct, 2.30pmThe Red Turtle (PG)This exquisite, simple and wordless animation from the famous Studio Ghibli is a breath-taking visual treat. A man is shipwrecked on a deserted island. He makes friends with a turtle that transforms his life. "A work of art which transcends boundaries of language, culture, geography and age - magnificent"
Monday 23rd Oct, 7.30pmThe Olive Tree (15)This Spanish family drama touches on domestic and global themes and tells a story that stirs all sorts of emotions. Alma lives on a farm where grandfather Ramon has not spoken for years. Some suppose that he is affected by dementia but Alma is certain that the loss of the ancient olive tree from the farm hurts him deeply. She vows to recover the tree.
Monday 30th Oct, 1.30pmMatinee Derbyshire (Carousel)One of a series of screenings aimed at people with dementia and memory loss, their family and friends. For more information please visit
Monday 30th Oct, 7.30pmA Man Called Ove (15)Fredrik Backman's novel has been a huge success in Sweden, Britain and the States. Ove is a curmudgeon and not your first choice for a neighbour. A young couple and their children find Ove to be a troubled and difficult man - but worth getting to know. A story to make you laugh and cry with the brilliant Rolf Lassgard in the title role.
Wednesday 8th Nov, 7.30pmMy Life as a Courgette (PG)Icare (nicknamed Courgette) is orphaned aged 9. He goes to live in a home with other young children. We learn more about their lives and difficulties - which include experiences of abuse, neglect and substance misuse - but humour is never far away in this heart-warming animation.
Monday 13th Nov, 7.30pmParis, Texas (12)With his death in July we were reminded of the telling contribution to stage and screen of Sam Shepard. Paris, Texas - written by Shepard, directed by Wim Wenders, music by Ry Cooder, starring Harry Dean Stanton - remains an absorbing account of people searching for something that will enrich their lives.
Monday 20th Nov, 2.30pmChurchill (PG)Brian Cox stars as Churchill in a film set around the D-Day events of June 1944. Some have taken exception to the portrait of the man and the events. Others have found it a moving film precisely because it shows his frailty and vulnerability, and the part played by Clemmie (Miranda Richardson) in getting him through crises.
Monday 20th Nov, 7.30pmClash (15)Set in Cairo in 2013, two years after the Egyptian revolution this film examines the passions that divided demonstrators and has won the lavish praise of Tom Hanks among many: "If there's any way you can see Clash... you must.├┐You simply must. The film will break your heart but enlighten all."
Sunday 26th Nov, 6.30pmHamlet (12)Maxine Peake's Hamlet was a critical and popular triumph at Manchester's Royal Exchange three years ago. The first woman to play the Prince of Denmark on the English commercial stage in decades she delivered a startling and captivating performance. Here is a chance to relish this innovative production again.
Monday 11th Dec, 7.30pmThe Handmaiden (18)This Korean adaptation of Sarah Waters' novel The Fingersmith is a thing of beauty. Set in 1930s Japan-occupied South Korea this is a mixture of thriller and romance that begins with a handmaiden being employed to work for a Japanese heiress. The explicit sex scenes result in the '18' certificate.
Monday 18th Dec, 1.30pmMatinee Derbyshire (A White Christmas)One of a series of screenings aimed at people with dementia and memory loss, their family and friends. For more information please visit
Monday 18th Dec, 7.30pmTheir Finest (12A)Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy co-star in this pleasing Second World War drama. In the days of the Blitz a young scriptwriter (Arterton) is employed to help make a propaganda film that will enlist the support of women. She has to deal with misogynistic colleagues and an actor (Nighy) who clearly thinks he is above all this.